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Doctor Examining CT Scan

At Norwalk Radiology Consultants, we accept nothing less than excellence—

every day and for every patient.

Norwalk Radiology Consultants is Fairfield County's premier medical imaging center. Since 1985, our specialized radiologists, highly trained technologists, and support staff have provided exceptional individualized care and essential diagnostic medical information.

To us, even expertise in cutting-edge imaging is not enough. We believe in extending a personal touch along every aspect of your visit—from pre-planning to follow-up. Our commitment to our patients is why we’re the most advanced and trusted imaging center in Fairfield County.

At Norwalk Radiology Consultants, our goal is to go above and beyond the routine standard of care. Because our primary concern is our patients, both in diagnostic accuracy and individual safety, we provide the highest quality imaging with the lowest possible radiation doses.

Scans are performed by certified technologists, and every exam is interpreted by board-certified specialists in radiology. Our team of radiologists are graduates of the country's most prestigious universities, certified by the American Board of Radiology for all types of imaging modalities and meeting the strict credentialing standards of the American College of Radiology. 

We offer the following tests:

Pipetting Samples
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