Breast Biopsy

I need a breast biopsy?

We understand. Being told that there is an abnormality in the breast that requires a biopsy is very stressful. We have combined decades of clinical and practical experience to help our patients through the process.

1) Each patient will meet with one of our radiologists to discuss the abnormality that prompted the biopsy. The radiologist will carefully explain why the lesion needs to be biopsied and how we actually perform the biopsy.

2) The patient will meet with our breast biopsy coordinator. Her job is to help facilitate the patient with regard to planning for the biopsy. This includes setting up the appointment, notifying the patient’s primary physician, and answering any additional questions the patient may have with regard to the procedure. In most cases we are able to perform the biopsy within a few days.

3) Regardless of the specific type of type of biopsy recommended (stereotactic, ultrasound, or MRI), the basic procedure will be the same. We find the lesion, clean and sterilize the surface of the breast, and use a local anesthetic injection to numb the area. We then insert a small needle in the breast. We are able to take small pieces of tissue through the needle. The vast majority of patients tolerate these procedures exceeding well. They typically leave the facility with a small bandage on the breast and are able to return to daily activities.

4) The biopsy sample will be sent directly from our facility to the pathology department. The specimen immediately will be prepared and stained for microscopic evaluation. Usually, the pathology results are ready within 24-48 hours, and we will call each patient with the results ASAP. In the event that a biopsy result is abnormal, the radiologist will speak to the patient, discuss the biopsy results, and help guide the patient going forward. In many cases this may include a follow up surgical breast consultation. Again, the radiologist, along with our breast biopsy coordinator, will help the patient during this stressful period of time.

Once scheduled for a biopsy, our office will call you and give you detailed instruction on how to prepare for your exam.

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